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RPS starts today

20-03-2008, 23:51
i m really interested in testing it and to be honest i find it kinda weird the whole stuff. lets see.

20-03-2008, 15:51
I can't wait to check this out! Cheers!

Daniel Dosbson
20-03-2008, 14:38
Great news

20-03-2008, 12:50
Great news! I'm looking forward to it I already made my application for one in the other thread.

20-03-2008, 11:46
Hi There,

We will start RPS today. All is tested and we are happy
with the solution. But I think it's so new and so great
offer that lot of people will take lot of time to see
if the RPS is the solution for them or it's not.

That's why we will propose today 50 RPS free of charge
during 1 month. If you want to test it, you will need
to check up the forum this afternoon for the URL that
I will post. Then all you have to do is:
- make the order for 1 month
- send an email with the order to the support (customersupport@ovh.co.uk)
- wait for answer
Then if your order is accepted, you will get a RPS for
1 month.

- 1 RPS per person
- you have to live in UK to get one