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Thank you OVH!

18-03-2015, 14:19

Excellent, you know where we are if you need us

18-03-2015, 00:05
For all my previous moans, OVH pleasantly surprised me yesterday.

I needed some vrack for a project and ordered two EG servers. I was very surprised at the speed they were delivered. When it said 120 seconds they meant it and I probably had both within that.

What I really needed them for is working perfectly, I had one in SBG and one in RBX, I have managed to get an IP block in the vrack and now have a floating IP between RBX and SBG. So far testing failover seems to work great. Lets hope everything else goes well. This is the only company I can find, someone tell me if they know different, that provides cross datacenter failover on a single IP.