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Fail over ip's will not work with domain after crashed restart 1st ticket deleted

18-03-2015, 15:14
A few days ago everything was fine then I had to restart the server and it went into rescue mode and the memory test took over two hours but it all came out clear. Then had to reinstall everything. connected the ip's and they also ping but when i add a domain to plesk, All of my failover ip domains just show a default SERVER webpage. I can't edit it or anything. my server ip website i can edit. I have my domains in ovh ie and the a records are good and i also reset 1 or 2 to make sure and waited and that failed. I have reinstalled everything a few times to see if that would solve the problem and that does not work. I made a ticket last night but was some how deleted not closed but deleted so I made a new one. does anyone have any ideas. So in short failover ip pings but wont bring me to the actual domain. I get a plesk default server page not even a default and anything you want to the site page. almost looks like a dns error but I looked and thats good. I have a average ping of 65ms on failover ip