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Can we buy additional servers in the same rack?

20-03-2015, 23:11
Quote Originally Posted by DigitalDaz
vrack even works across datacenters
correct but with OVH range servers only.

20-03-2015, 22:50
Quote Originally Posted by Stanislav
Thanks a lot for answers, guys.
vrack even works across datacenters

18-03-2015, 21:40
Thanks a lot for answers, guys.

18-03-2015, 21:31
No, it's not possible. OVH will put a new server on any rack, based on space availability. Even if your servers were in the same rack, you may not be able to establish a local network between them, as OVH router & switches will only allow your servers to use authorized IPs.

To have a local network between your servers, you may use OVH vRack option, which comes with all the infreastructure servers from OVH.

18-03-2015, 21:12
Doubt it - SYS prices are so low because what you see is what you get. The sort of thing you're asking for is what they offer in their higher tier through the OVH brand.

18-03-2015, 20:39
Hello, I've sent ticket to your support 2 days ago but still has no answer so I'll ask here.

We have dedicated server RBX3 - Rack: 42C02 - Server ID: 262340 We want buy 2 more servers (E3-SAT-3 Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 4c/8t 3.4 GHz+ 32GB 2x2TB SATA Soft) in the same rack as the first one, so all 3 of them work in local network. Is it possible?