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Accidentally ordered a VPS TWICE!!

19-03-2015, 17:31

I have your email and will reply.

19-03-2015, 16:26
Hi, I ordered a VPS from OVH ( and the problem started when I decided to pay with PayPal. Upon logging into PayPal, it took sometime before eventually throwing an error code at me, telling me that the transaction has failed.

I was then offered the chance to go back and redo my order with an alternative payment method. This time I chose to pay by Visa Debit by way of my bank, this worked and the order went through successfully, however I then received an email to my selected account telling me that the (failed) PayPal payment had also gone through.

This means I've paid for the same VPS plan twice!

I also read that paying by Visa Debit instantly activates the VPS but there seems to be no outstanding tasks or activities in my account so I'm really not sure what's going on there...

Is there any way to resolve this, the current status of the PayPal order is still pending and I was wondering if there is any way to reimburse the cost back into my paypal account...

I can provide the Unique Transaction ID upon request as well as any other proof of payment information.

Here's hoping for a speedy resolution. I really want this service to work for me, not against me.