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24-03-2015, 10:26
Please report any SPAM issues to our abuse department, as you can see we actively remove SPAM listings.

22-03-2015, 04:21
Not really sure what you mean... On the past, OVH has suspended accounts for lots of users, spammers included. Even Oles has answered them in the forum, relling the reason for suspension.

Also, a Google search may not be really accurate. The first results I get are, ironically, the OVH wiki page for best antispam practices. Also, some results are about users complaining OVH considered their activities as SPAM.

You would make a great contribution to the internet community if you post any evidence you have about OVH being a network full of spammers & criminals. That, if true, would make a lot of users, me included, reconsider having any service with OVH.

SPAM Friendly
21-03-2015, 04:22
Go to Google.
Type "OVH SPAM" & press enter
Start reading say the first 250,000 out of the nearly 500,000 results.
That'll give you a clue. See if you can work out the rest.
You really must be quite proud of yourselves, building such a fine reputation.
And yes, my inbox is full of spam from your network and yes again to having abuse reports totally ignored.
Goodbye OVH, myself and my custom are off.

20-03-2015, 09:34

I'm not sure what your referring to. You can submit abuse issue at:

The link allows you to submit cases without any charge. Are you referring to something different?

We take all SPAM cases very seriously. At this moment in time, OVH isn't listed on the spamhaus ISP list at:


SPAM Friendly
20-03-2015, 01:00
When I joined OVH I thought I had, at last, found a reputable ethical hosting provider.

This company are pretty much spammers themselves.
I have reported a number of abuses and each time NO ACTION was taken. They even try and charge YOU 20 if they THINK the site you've reported is OK.
WOW!!! What a business model. You host spammers websites and every time somebody complains you charge them 20.....

That's enough for me. TOO much spam. TOO many blacklists. TOO much of a **** attitude AND not enough ethics. I'm out of here. Then I'll block all the OVH address blocks from my private network and the corporate networks I administer as they host nothing I/we want to see.

With companies like this no wonder we've made NO impact on the SPAM problem at all.

WELL DONE OVH. SCUM of the earth.

Lets see how long it takes before this post is taken down.