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New Control Panel Broken

24-03-2015, 11:30
Can you try now?

21-03-2015, 00:10

Again, this shows OVH's urge to force a new, totally awful API upon us. All I would like to do is buy some failover IP addresses, and I've spent 3 hours trying to get this to work, to no avail.

Even if I try Opera, and go to my infrastructure, upon selecting the Order Additional IPs button, I get THIS:

I am nowhere near my limit at all. It's merely OVH's stupid website being an annoyance. Next time, OVH, don't release incomplete software. If this is not fixed very promptly, I am selecting another service provider, as I am not willing to pay the 110 a month I do to you and have to put up with this kind of buggy software!

21-03-2015, 00:03
When trying to place a new order on OVH's new manager for additional failover IPs, I see:

That is all I see. Even after trying different browsers and clearing my cache and everything! How OVH seems to find it acceptable to deploy an incomplete, glitchy panel and leave us stuck with it baffles me -_- All I wanted to do was order a few more failover IPs, but now I am starting to consider switching hosts...