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Disabling OVH firewall

24-03-2015, 11:31

Have you tried adding your IPs to the network firewall, then when the server is attacked you will still be able to access it.

22-03-2015, 10:13
Good morning.
Yep. We need to disable it completely. Again... not partially, just completely!

Now I'll explain a bit. OVH firewall can protect you but it can be also pitful for you. When you are attacked OVH can decide to block all (!) traffic to attacked machine. If some attackers wants to block you completely then he will spam you by portions of flood. In this case OVH will keep you in forced attack mitigation... and... you will be blocked at all. Completely. But now from OVH.

We have a 10 gb/s NIC. And I know what such attack we CAN handle by ourselves. So... again.. how we can DISABLE FIREWALL??