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License and protection

25-03-2015, 12:42

If the server is attacked we will send you an email when the protection is enabled.

Best to check on the website what OSs your server support, also in the control panel when you go to reinstall you should see them all it can install.

24-03-2015, 19:27
Hello, I bought a GAME server and was wondering how it works against TCP attacks? I have a game server running on 1 TCP port and a database. Website is hosted on another server. If I recieve any attacks will it go down?

And I ordered a Windows Server 2012 Standard license but I can't see it in the list of templates, if it don't support 2012 it shouldn't be possible to order. It would be nice if you could change it to 2008 R2 standard.

License ID: OVH-60388