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VPS Online but has no Internet Connection

24-03-2015, 23:45
earlier today my Cloud VPS 2 went down for some maintenance, once the maintenance was complete the vps was rebooted and all seemed to be working fine on the control panel.

so i tried to connect using RDP but it didnt work, so i connected using the KVM tool on the Control panel and logged into it. after looking into the RDP settings i couldnt find anything wrong so i tried to open the internet on the VPS,

there is no internet connection to the VPS but i am able to connect to it through KVM (Im guessing it goes through some internet network)

any way i have tried to reboot the VPS, i have tried phoning up but the vps came back online at basically 6pm on the dot. i have also tried submitting a ticket but am yet to receive an answer.


Should Probably provide my details

Account ID: fm114437-ovh
VPS Name :

if you need anything else please let me know, thanks