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CDN and protection

30-03-2015, 14:02
the CDN is not specifically a protection against attacks, though the fact that it has several locations does provide a level of resilience.

An attack against the OVH CDN will be managed by our network engineers. That's still public facing IP and can be attacked, but that would be up to the resilience of our services to see how that would affect the service. In any case, that's one thing less you've got to do and I can assure you that our network engineers will manage it properly. You could still be affected, to a certain extent, depending on the particular attack.


30-03-2015, 03:06
Hello! I have my site running behind the CDN with Anycast. My IP is completely hidden but what happens if someone hit my CDN IP? will the attack reach my server? or will users be routed to another location?