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Using 'free failover IP's' with SYS

31-03-2015, 12:08

For the first 16 IP on the SYS server, you would pay the setup fee only, afterwards the IP will be free alongside the server.

The setup fee is a one off payment.

The 17th IP onwards you would pay the IP every month you have the IP on the server.



30-03-2015, 22:53
If you are not bought 16 IPs already, it's not going to be charged monthly. Those are only one-time setup payments.

30-03-2015, 22:48
I'm used to the older version of OVH's panel and coming to SYS seems a little alien, trying to use the free 16 IP's advertised through out the site but can't seem to add them without being charged monthly?

Here's what I see.

Is this fee a one off maybe? And I'm not charged monthly, its a little confusing.