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Urgent Info Required

31-03-2015, 06:32
Enterprise Server SP-128H - 128G E5-1650v2

We need to create new site to site VPN tunnel with our client and for that we need following details:

Our Client Details :


Our Details:

Brand of Device :
Model of Device :
External IP Address (tunnel endpoint):
IPSEC Encryption Scheme:
IPSEC Integrity (Hash) Scheme:
IKE Encryption Scheme :
Diffie-Hellman Group :
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS):
ISAKMP Lifetime :
SA Lifetime seconds :
SA Kilobytes :
AH Transform : NA
ESP Encryption Transform :
ESP Authentication Transform :
Pre-Shared Key* Via Telephone :

Client Details

Brand of Device : Juniper
Model of Device : SSG-550
External IP Address (tunnel endpoint) :
IPSEC Encryption Scheme : 3DES
IPSEC Integrity (Hash) Scheme: SHA1
IKE Encryption Scheme: 3DES
Diffie-Hellman Group: 2
Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) :None
ISAKMP Lifetime : 28800 Sec
SA Lifetime seconds :3600 Sec
SA Kilobytes : 50000kb
AH Transform : NA
ESP Encryption Transform : ESP-3DES
ESP Authentication Transform: ESP-SHA1
Pre-Shared Key* Via Telephone

(This section should provide the details of the subnets behind respective VPN peers. In case of domain clash, both clients and adviuz should mutually agree on respective NAT IP addresses to be used)

DETAILS of Client

Encryption domain : Entire private IP subnet (Certain private IP subnets are reserved for VPN tunnel)

Session Initiator :
Source NAT IP : (Requires mutual agreement)
Destination NAT IP: (Requires mutual agreement)

Details about us

Encryption domain :

Session Initiator :

Source NAT IP :

Destination NAT IP:

C) Communication details

Request Initiator :
Source IP :
Destination IP :
Protocol :
Service Port Number: