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plesk update problems, probably caused by OVH mirror

Agent Smith
05-04-2015, 22:32
Is someone can tell me what can cause these wget problems?
When I run wget most of the time I get failed: Connection timeout

Agent Smith
02-04-2015, 13:22
from a week or two I had problems when I try to update/upgrade plesk panel, it was taking too long when I run add/remove components in plesk.
I couldn't install epel repo also.

I reinstalled the VPS but the problem continued. OVH support told me that service is unmanaged and that is configuration problem/I don't understand how it can be a config problem, after clean install/.

So after little bit digging in Plesk forum I found that there are several other how have the same problem and one of the solutions was to change the ovh mirrors with these from plesk by renaming
mv /root/.autoinstallerrc /root/autoinstallerrc_orig
Now I can update/upgrade plesk panel without problems.

So is there problem in ovh mirrors, or it is configuration problem.