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Need help how to point domain to my server both with OVH

07-04-2015, 11:25
I can see that your DNS servers have been changed already to your own ones. There is no problem on changing the DNS servers in the OVH manager to whatever you want, as long as they are properly setup.

You always have these 2 options when trying to point your domain to your server:
a) leave the DNS servers at OVH (or wherever your domain is registered) and just change the A and MX records there.
The advantage of this option is that you don't have to take the responsibility to manage the DNS servers yourself

b) change the DNS servers to your own server
this way, the DNS servers will be managed from your server (cPanel or whatever software you have in it) and you'll have full control and responsibility for them.

You've chosen the option b, which is fine if you're aware of the problems and advantages of it. A recommendation for your setup is that it'd be good to have 2 different DNS servers, instead of both primary and secondary pointing to the same IP. For that, you can setup the secondary IP that OVH offers you with your server (check the option under your manager).

Let us know if you need more help

06-04-2015, 13:58
Hi Dani

Here is the NIC handle: bs266242-ovh

There seems to be huge contradiction between what you guys are saying and what my management company is saying.

1. Your guys are saying all I need to do is add the nameservers and add a A record pointing to the server. I tried this and whilst it worked diverting the user to the server, it ignored all the DNS zone records set by cPanel because your anycast DNS was still set as primary even though I tried deleting it, there was no physical way to delete it, it would just revert back to Anycast being primary.

As a result mail would not work as it was trying to use the MX records set in your own DNS zones.

2. Management company advised that I need to set my own nameservers but as Primary, not secondary as how you guys keep reverted the changes back or do not allow setting namesevers as Primary. As a result it will not use the cPanel DNS zone settings.

I tested their theory using one of my old domain providers, all I had to do was set nameservers and the IP address, and it worked straight away, it set my nameservers as Primary, as a result the DNS zone settings set by cPanel worked.

So the question here is why will you not allow me to delete the AnyCast DNS so I can set my own as Primary so it can use the cPanel DNS zone settings, instead of your OVH DNS zone settings?

06-04-2015, 12:56

Can you provide me with your NIC handle or domain name.

Currently I am unable to locate your services.


05-04-2015, 13:38
can anyone help please. My management company are really finding it hard to point my domain to my servers.

I managed to get it working myself by using OVH default

and finally changing the A record to the IP address of my server.

When I tried setting up Outlook to connect to cPanel mail it kept on failing login.
I contacted my management company, when they saw the new configuration they are convinced OVH are causing the problem and this new config is wrong. And can not do anything else until this is fixed??

What are the correct DNS config for pointing a domain to a server? I did not realize it would be this hard to point a domain to a server and even a management company would find this hard?

They advised me that I need to get OVH to remove both:

And change it to: - server IP - server IP

And then everything will start working including the email?
Can someone please advise how DNS should be setup, I am pulling my hair out?

04-04-2015, 22:14
Hi all,

I and my management company seem to be struggling how to get my domain purchased through OVH to point to my server also bought through OVH.

My management company added a DNS server to the domain - server IP - server IP

But the domain is still redirecting to OVH default landing page
Details of ***.***.**.*
IP Address : ***.***.**.*
Location : France (95% accuracy)
Host Name :

When I check the DNS server details I see 2 extra DNS records Primary Secondary Secondary Secondary

I am really struggling to get my domain to point and load to the sever.

Can someone please advise how to get this working?