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Account Validation

15-04-2015, 10:35
as per similar cases, do please check and confirm that you've already done these steps:

account validation is done off public forum.

15-04-2015, 10:15
Hello ,i got same roblem with validating my acc ount,when i log into manager and go into Add payments, it says invalid acc-ount, can you please help me
my nic-handle: rn57769-ovh
and my order number is 37589262 . Thx for help IN advance

13-04-2015, 11:20

I can't find your account. Are you sure you provided the right nic-handle? Or did you place your order on our North American website?

11-04-2015, 14:05
Hello I tried to buy VPS But My account is still waiting for verification I've sent ID and address proof by email 3 days ago

Also, since I'm not a EU resident, can the VAT be removed from the invoice and my account?

Nichandle : tf300614-ovh