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What can i do to get back online?

13-04-2015, 13:19

Can you provide me with your VPS number or NIC handle? I will check this for you.



12-04-2015, 17:23
Are you able to access other parts of your server, like SSH/FTP? If so it sounds like an issue with your web server software.

12-04-2015, 14:34
Sorry - i'm really a rookie at this, and i have a developer team for any changes/problems i may have with my site, but now it seems to be the server, that is having issues. Not sure if this is the right group to post this though...

Can any of you confirm that this is the case, or if i should look at something else causing the trouble?

I am not sure what kind of service i have, but on my manager it says VPS 2014 Cloud 2 and it is hosted in Strasbourg SBG1

I am having trouble loading my site and connecting to the server..
Any of you know what to do?

I have contacted support, and also created an incident, but no reaction yet (aprox 3 hours)