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Need advise for dedicated cloud Infra with Vmware

18-05-2015, 19:38

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with our customer service.

We replied to your email this afternoon. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

17-05-2015, 11:12
Hi am really disappointed again with OVH team ( commercial ), call them send them email regarding my requirement ..etc ... no respond for days, and someone on 01 6390037 always pickup the phone with an attitude answer (yes) or (No) that it and hang up on you. or an email with the link on it like Neil done on the post above. While On this number 020 7357 6616 a bit more concern what you looking for.

Any way i dont get it how dificult is it to get a quotation/advise X no of Vms with X no of RAM/CPU + Storage + Licensing + Addtional services.

Any way Last attemp 5ucking OVH can some on support read the mail i send on 14 May 2015 at 17:15 to Subject Quotation Dedicated Cloud


16-04-2015, 11:58

Best if you send us an email, also the prices are on the website, have you looked at

15-04-2015, 18:28

That my third time writing to OVH about Dedicated Cloud with VMware vSphere service twice on email and this one on the form hopefully someone from OVH support will pickup.

My Question

I would like to know more on the Dedicated Cloud with VMware vSphere service that OVH provide, My requirement is as follow

2x Host Dedicated Cloud L+ - Infrastructure

Storage: 3,3 TB NFS

Firewall with VPN access up to 20 users

2x Load Balancing IP

1x Backup Server

Licensing : Windows 2012R2 Standard.

and + Support VIP

please if you could provide me with the best solution and price i would be grateful.