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sys ssd's raid 0 option

21-04-2015, 12:14
For software RAID servers, all the partitioning layout is done through the reinstallation wizard. As such, it does include some limitations, to enforce some best practices, such as the system drive should always be in a partition with some type of redundancy (raid 1 or raid 5).

If you want to do other setups (such as raid0 in the system drive), you'll have to do it yourself, for example using rescue mode to do your own installation, but to be honest, it can get quite complex and it's something that OVH cannot help you about.

Now, with a hardware RAID , you've got more options, and it is possible to do more complex configurations. You'd need to configure them through the MegaRAID application, but it's certainly easier than software RAID. again, this is not supported by OVH, but it's certainly easier

let us know if you need more help

20-04-2015, 12:13
thanks for the reply neil. I retested your approach for the 3 ssd's in raid 0 through the panel and it didn't seem to be doing what i wanted.

Can you provide more information around this please


i would like the c:/ to be based on 3 SSD's in one raid 0

16-04-2015, 13:04

If it is Soft Raid, just reinstall the server and choose RAID 0, it will take advantage of all the drives.

16-04-2015, 10:35
Does anyone know how to create a raid 0 OS from 3 ssd's 120GB soyoustart server and service i believe only allowed one ssd to create the OS and then the remaining two to then add in windows where you can then do raid 0 on the remaining two ssds

A secondary raid partition on an OS level i worry about due to performance r/w