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Can not transfer IPs

17-04-2015, 13:21

I find it funny - well, not really - that it decided to happen when I planned to migrate an important server.

17-04-2015, 12:37

We have had some issues overnight, have the IPs been moved now?

17-04-2015, 04:43
I guess managerv6 needs to be up for managerv3 to work?

As soon as v6 was back, the IPs transferred.

And to think I would have a smooth migration in the middle of the night! Oh, no, that'll be too easy..

17-04-2015, 03:17
I'm not sure if this is due to the managerv6 being down ( ).... I was in the middle of transferring my FO and Ripe's to my OVH server from a Kimsufi....... 3 FO worked, but the other 4 FO refuse to budge after some minutes.... So, I thought I'd try managerv3, just to be shown this crap

Professional option on OVH? What is this crap

And if I attempt to transfer my Ripes in v3:
The routing will be effective within a few minutes
Waited a few minutes, nothing happened, so I attempted to try again:
This IP block migration is already in progress (taskId : 14472096)
Why are OVH so incompetent!