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Am i fooled by OVH ?

17-04-2015, 14:07
But according to OVH if other ips from our block sends spam some of those blacklist will get us to their list anyways.. then we thought about buying a whole block, but looks like ther is a limit..

17-04-2015, 14:04
About the blacklists, it's "normal" for providers to get some IPs blacklisted by bad customers. That is, previous to you having that IPs, some other customers used them, and probably sent lots os SPAM from those IPs. It would be a good idea for OVH to sanitize it's IPs, at least with most important blacklists, but currently they don't do. So the only option is for you to sanitize them for yourself. In most cases, it's easy: most of the blacklists require you to fill a simple form, and some others will automatically delete you IP from database if it doesn't sends SPAM for some days..

17-04-2015, 12:29
Hello.. We creating web solutions for many companys .. got ips from ovh and those were all blacklisted, We did open a ticket from our account to support, they said you should buy a block for non-blacklisted ips.. looks like blacklists getting whole block if one of ips from block does spam.. so we bought a new server from ovh.. THER IS A LIMIT system doesnt let us buy 256 ip.. then i opened a ticket to support talked about limit of 4 ips only.. then they said okey to my ticket about 256 ip they made limit to 64... do you guys EVEN read our tickets ?

And plus ovh said setup time should be like 72 hours or something like according to ovh, for us that setup time was 5-6 days..
our account id number is 658930357