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validation still waiting

21-04-2015, 17:06

Please check

21-04-2015, 10:14
Hi i created a new account since on the last one I couldn't modify my contact info no matter what I tried to include the full name and full company name.

so my new account is waiting validation . ib7927-sys

And it's the second time I am trying to buy a server and I can't seem to get past the validation. It's taking way too long, and is this only for businesses the validation?

Number: 37699473
Date: 20-04-2015 18:39:24
Expiry date: 21-04-2015 18:39:24

Thank you and waiting validation still because the validation of a business doesn't take more then a few seconds. I don't believe it has to take 72 hours when one person can validate hundreds of businesses a day . you just check the eu reg vat and done a business is validated. So you check the official site of that country for business, and eurid vat at most.

I know that might be attempts of fraud, but it's taking too long , going a week for validation is not good business.