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I have a few questions

22-04-2015, 08:31
so weird ...
and if I had a software glitch
if you need to reset your account and all the data
if the equipment fails on the server
Site will not work for very long
As it is not serious ...

22-04-2015, 03:27
Hi. I'm not an OVH staff member, so these are not official answers, but it may anyway help you.

OVH web hosting is not assisted or managed, so they will not help you on installing software or anything else, unless it's something related to the usage of the OVH manager and/or other tools provided with the service.

OVH shared hosting servers are located in their datacenters. Most of them are in France(RBX,SBG,GRA), and some are in Canada(BHS). I see no option to select datacenter, so not sure which will a new hosting plan end up in. Also, OVH offers cache points of presence, which will accelerate the content delivery for static contents(images, scripts, css, etc). That is explained here:

The ping time may vary by country & ISP. Here is a page where you can test the speed to different OVH datacenters: Also, you can ping directly to any of the hosts listed in that page.

22-04-2015, 00:30
Google translates poorly

22-04-2015, 00:26
I have a few questions
Do you help the customer to install software if they fail on a shared host?
Where you are the server? What is Ping in Russia?