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Why can't I get 16 IP

29-04-2015, 12:21
yes, do contact us, providing the number of IPs you need and the use, and we'll be happy to increase the limit you're allowed to.

This limit is just for security, not to allow all customers to order all IPs right from minute 0. It's to stop abuse that was happening allowing everyone to order right from the beginning.

Through the form or vie phone, as you prefer.

28-04-2015, 23:21
Do what the message says, contact SYS support.

28-04-2015, 22:27
It gives error

28-04-2015, 22:22

28-04-2015, 22:16

16 IP, although it is a right, only got 8 IP,
Why can't I get 8 more IP

It gives the following error
Under the conditions of RIPE/ARIN, we are required to check how you use your IPs. Please get in touch with our client Service.

Look I had 16 IP