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Ripe blocks and IP history

01-05-2015, 11:52
Has anyone encountered this scenario before..... You add a Ripe block to their Junk Email Reporting Program, and you find out that block, or some IPs, were previously owned by someone else? I tried asking Microsoft direct, but their response was not even related.
I could contact the previous owner, that's if they still exist!

30-04-2015, 16:54
I have another problem. I've been enrolled with Microsoft's Junk Mail Reporting Program for years. When I attempt to add my Ripe Blocks for monitoring, they state OVH's abuse mailbox instead of my own (thats listed in the ripe database). I thought that mine would take priority?


Ok, so the IPs must have a rDNS attached to them.

29-04-2015, 14:22
They have delisted the IPs, thought it'll be a nightmare..... All sorted.

29-04-2015, 12:19
not sure anyone uses SORBS as a reference for Spam. Generally speaking, the de-blacklisting requests have to sent by the user of the IP (if any confirmation is required by OVH, we can provide so). But if the blacklisting site is serious, as you did with McAffee, it should quite easy to do.


29-04-2015, 10:41
Some of the IPs of my new /28 block I got was listed as Spam URLs by McAfee, so clients who use McAfee were seeing warnings when visiting my domains. This was easily fixed by contacting them.

Some of these are on SORBS as well, dating back to 2011! As we know, it is difficult to get delisted from these people. Although, I am in the middle of trying to.....

So, who's responsibility is it to get these IPs clean when the 'bad' users of them vanish, is it us (the new part-owners), or OVH?