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Order Validation

01-05-2015, 11:36

That looks like a US/CA Order, have you contacted them directly about this order?

29-04-2015, 23:03
Hello there!

I have used OVH for a while regarding VPS hosting and it is brilliant as a front-end machine and database host, I switched to SoYouStart because of the cheap prices and I have ran into a little bit of a problem... I need to validate my identity but I'm a little stuck. The PayPal Account I use is my Aunty's but I have registered the SoYouStart Account in my name because I will be the main person to use it as It is for my Minecraft community of 30,000 users.

Do I need to submit identification too because I am 15 or does my Aunty need to submit identification because it is her PayPal account with permission given to me to use it?

I am mainly asking on here because I need the server within the next day as on Saturday is our relaunch and the players are getting restless... If I have to delay it again they won't exactly be happy with me or any of my staff.

The order number is 1485588 @ SoYouStart


I got a response from my support ticket, if any staff see this please can you refund the payment and I will reorder it on a new account with my auntys details instead.

Many Thanks,
Luke K