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Faulty HDD's

05-05-2015, 13:07

Sorry about the wait, I have contacted the hardware team and will try and get this all sorted today.

03-05-2015, 09:09
Around 1 week ago my server running ESXI 5.5 started to have issues randomly losing connection to either or both my datastores. Then on Saturday morning my server wouldn't even boot up. I'd sent test logs to SYS over the past several days and finally when it totally stopped working they said they'd replace the HDD's.

Here is the technicians out come from his test.

Server blocks the demarage on "No boot device"

Replacing SATA nape
Not fix
Replacement motherboard
Sda PN2134P5G428JX disk error, detected hs
Sdb PN1134P6K7JAPW disk error, detected hs
Server placed in rescue pro

Please do your backup and predict a disk replacement.

24 hours later I've still not heard a thing nore have the drives been replaced even though I responded to their email confirming I already had a backup.

I phone their technical support again and was told they would escalate this and a server completely offline would be repaired / resolved within 4 hours.

Please can someone help!!!!!!