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highend servers with free kvm - how do i access the kvm ?

13-05-2015, 10:23

The testing of the IPMI can take a some time to complete.

You need Java installed to your local computer and to download the Java applet to start the Java session.



12-05-2015, 17:39
So i bought a server that came with free kvm in the offer
it's a 128gb ram server, i am logging in to the ovh manager but can't find any kvm console on the dedicated page.
the only things that i found were under ipmi but i did a Test the IPMI and it's now stuck at IPMI module access test (http)

The other option By starting a 'Remote KVM' session (access to the keyboard, mouse and display of your remote server) from your IP Via a Java Web Start applet is clickable but does absolutely nothing.

nh: am117439-ovh