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is there a monthly fees for IPs ?

15-05-2015, 14:44
Hi Alvaroag

I asked because I noticed the duration for the first time when requesting ips, thats why I thought there will be a monthly fees for it

Thanks for the clarification.


14-05-2015, 14:22
On OVH servers, you can have up to 256 IPs paying only €2 for installation, and no monthly fee. The date that appears on the manager, when you order more IPs, I suppose it's just a bug of the manager itself, or the remains of the times when OVH charged monthly for the IPs. Just ignore it, you will not get monthly charges.

14-05-2015, 12:22

I just got the access to order more IPs for a new dedicated server and I noticed there is a new field there "duration":

"Until 12 June 2015 : 16.00 excl. VAT ( 16.00 incl. VA"

does that mean there is a monthly fees 16 euro or this is just the end of monthly server lease and when I renew the server then IPs will be free (similar to CPanel free order) ?

hope someone can help explaining that.