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Asking for help finalising MX and DNS setup of VPS

24-05-2015, 07:58
Contact me through Skype (a.aguayo) or WhatsApp (+51995540103). Notice that, because of time zone differences(I'm in GMT-5), when you are at 6 AM I'm in deep sleep (midnight), assuming you are in the UK.

24-05-2015, 01:07
Hey man big thanks yet again for all of the help. I am still struggling with my lack of intelligence here though.

I have tried a few times over the past few times to setup the PTR but to no avail. Everytime I add the trailing period / full stop / dot at the end it is always refused. I had read about having to do this before but it will not accept it with it, it accepts it as just but not with the dot at the end.

The error message given is shown in this screen shot here

I have not put in nearly as much effort to understanding the DNS settings though as the websites on the server seem to resolve ok but emails are occasionally getting bounced which is a big issue for me.

I really appreciate all of your help and understand I have already taken an unfair amount of your time, should I be contacting support about this? Are they likely to even help out with such an issue?

Do you know of anyone that offers a service for *****s like me that they could maybe come on teamviewer and set these sort of things up?

Thanks again alvaroag

20-05-2015, 19:02
Regarding the NS servers for the domain, there are two ways of configuring them:

- Using external DNS servers, for example, "". This is always the most easy alternative.
- Using DNS servers with hostname inside your own domain, for example, "". With a quick overview of the DNS hierarchical structure, it would be impossible to resolve "" using nameserver "", as the nameserver IP address will never be resolved, because of an infinite loop. For such cases, there is the option to add the so called GLUE records, which are stored on the parent zone "com.". That wway, when a DNS resolver finds the name server inside the same domain, it will ask for those nameservers IPs to the parent zone nameserver.

Both configurations are valid and fully functional, And it's even possible to mix them. You can have "" as primary DNS, and "" as secondary. Of course, in such case, you may only need to create glue record for ns1, not for the OVH one, as that one is under another domain.

If you want such mixed configuration, you may follow instructions here: (GoDaddy reffers to "glue records" as "hosts"). There, first delete all the "hosts", and then create a single one for "" with the IP of your VPS. Then, you follow instructions here:, and set the nameservers for your domain to "" and "". That's all to do with GoDaddy.

Then, on your VPS, you must configure the nameserver itself. Here is an example zones file. IN SOA (2015050403 10800 3600 604800 10800) IN NS IN NS IN MX 0 IN TXT "v=spf1 +a +mx -all" IN SPF "v=spf1 +a +mx -all" IN A IN A
With that, your zone may work without problems. Of course, you may need to add any other hostname you may need, such as "www".

About the PTR record, it's the reverse DNS record. It's managed by OVH, and you can change it from the Manager, on the "IP" section to the left, click on the gear icon to the right of your VPS IP, and click on "Modify the reverse". Then, on the popup, type "" (watch the dot at the end). That will do it.

20-05-2015, 17:14
Thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

I have to admit though that I am still struggling with a couple of things. What you posted is similar to what I have seen previously but the zerigo page relates to controls that are just not reachable in the current version of Godaddy's domain manager. I am guessing that the zerigo guide may not be necessary though based on what you wrote.

The thing with the nameservers that I am not understanding is that I thought I was meant to set the nameservers as ns1 and at godaddy but should it be set to the ovh ones you mentioned? I tried setting the nameservers at godaddy as the ovh ones you mentioned but it said that was not a valid NS. I am really sorry for the noob questions I just have never had to go through anything like this in setting up a domain.

For the PTR record I have now gone to my ovh manager and for the domain, in the DNS Zone, added a DNS entry A record for with my VPS IP so it is generated as:
mail IN A

Is that PTR correct in your opinion?

Once again sorry for being dumber than the average bear, your input has been very appreciated.

20-05-2015, 00:49
Let's fix the errors one by one:

- Your DNS servers itself has reports the following nameservers for your domain: & However, the parent zone reports & This is because you haven't updated the NS information on your registrar. As you are using GoDaddy, you may follow instructions here: . After that, you may need to delete the glue records for your domain. Check , on the first step, instead of add, click delete for each record. Next

- Your VPS IP has no PTR (reverse) record. This is nos strictly required, but will most probably cause outgoing mail to be classified as SPAM by other mail servers. The reverse record for must be

Fixing this issues will most probably solve all errores reported by intoDNS.

19-05-2015, 21:07
After a couple of weeks of searching and failing to follow every thread I could find on this subject I am requesting some pointers from anyone in the know regarding fully setting up the DNS and MX records on an OVH VPS.

I have tried to setup the records following guides on here and elsewhere but to no avail, I have been using servers from different hosts for around 7 or so years now and have always just been given nameservers to setup at the registrar and its all just worked so this is all new to me and sadly nothing in any of the guides I have followed looks remotely like that at Godaddy or the OVH manager.

So here is where I am currently at. I have the websites being served and some emails are going through but a lot of emails are failing to be sent and there are lots of errors in the different DNS checkers I have been looking at so I know I am still a few steps off having it setup correctly.

You can see the intoDNS results

Any pointers from anyone on this would be very much appreciated. Other than everything being very different to setup compared to what I am used to the hosting seems decent so far.

Thanks in advance guys.