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Order problem

21-05-2015, 23:09
the problem is corrected, thank you!

21-05-2015, 18:54
the problem still continues!

21-05-2015, 15:21
Hello. Your better option may be to call your local OVH support. OVH guys are not 100% of their time on the forum, but they will answer your phone call anyway.

21-05-2015, 14:48
I'm still waiting, why do not interest?

21-05-2015, 11:46

Despite delivery of non-payment server.

Number: 38795729

Error message;

"This step of your order was subject to an error. Our departments have been notified and will intervene as soon as possible.

Once the problem is resolved, your bill will be generated, and your services will be activated. If necessary, you will be contacted directly by the relevant department."