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IP Black list troubles

23-05-2015, 00:46
About mail from your IP being classified as SPAM, it may be blacklisted. Check on http://www.dnsbl.info. If it is listed, you may check on the list page to know how to remove it. Most blacklists let you request the removal filling a form, and other ones may remove your IP automatically after some time listed without sending SPAM.

About changing the IP for a new one, you can delete the current one and order a new one, but you will need to pay €2 again.

22-05-2015, 23:42
I purchased an IP a month ago and it belonged to some music group. But for some reasons when I send mail from it, it falls into spam - I have three other IP's that dont have this issue.

Also I am receiving alot of traffic from unknown places when the IP is assigned. Is there a way of ditching this IP address for a new one?