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Creating and Restoring Backups from SyS to another Server

26-05-2015, 15:48
not sure this may work, but worth the try. First, install same OS, same version, same architecture. Then, ensure both OS are updated to the latest packages. Then put the source server into rescue mode, and create a tar of the entire file system:

tar cfpS filesystem.tar usr bin sbin var etc

That must be run from your root filesystem, with any additional mountpoint mounted(for example, if you have /usr on a different partition). You must not include /boot, /dev, /proc, and /sys. Prior to do, you may want to delete old logs and temp files, so your backup is smaller. You might also want to compress your backup adding the "j" or "z" flag, but that will take longer to process. Transfer "filesystem.tar" to "/" in the destination server.

After that, put the destination server on rescue mode(or similar). Make a backup of your network configuration and /etc/fstab. On the root filesystem, delete everything except dev, boot, proc, sys, gilesystem.tar, and your network & fstab backups. depending on your partition layout, you may create the mountpoints and mount them. Then run:

tar xfp filesystem.tar

If you used "j" or "z" for compression on the previous step, you may include it as well in the extraction.

Then, restore your network configuration and fstab. Finally, reboot.

26-05-2015, 11:51

I own a Dedicated server on SYS, it is configured and works well. IP:


I want to create an image like snapshot or smth, but for external use. I have installed CentOS7 64, Apache 2.4, PgSQL, PHP, Varnish. I want all these to backup including CentOS, and use to another server (ex. DigitalOcean), without stopping and canceling this one because I need the same configuration somewhere else and can't do it from scratch.

The question is: How can I do that?