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Server active but SSH problem

27-05-2015, 16:34
Well this problem is solved. I believe It was due to my old Putty client. Updated to Putty 0.64 and now it works.

27-05-2015, 08:33
Sorry, this thread should have been posted in the Sys forum I think

27-05-2015, 02:29
Servers from the 2013 ranges and forward include KVM/IP. You can also try with that to access without needing to reboot your server.

27-05-2015, 01:47
Ok, thanks. I will look for the logs tomorrow, in bed now gmt+1

27-05-2015, 01:26
reboot your server in rescue mode, login and mount your root (/) partition.
look for /var/log/secure and paste the last few rows here.

* if you have another access to this log file (for ex. control panel like cpanel) you don't have to reboot to rescue mode.

27-05-2015, 00:33
No , can't find anything wrong there either.

27-05-2015, 00:27
Just found the SSH key page. I guess this is what I'm missing. Reading.....

27-05-2015, 00:12
And the putty error:
server unexpectedly closed network connection

27-05-2015, 00:10

I just installed my server and the SSH port is active but when using putty it just disconnects. Tried different settings, is there some description of putty settings somewhere?

OS: Ubuntu Server 14.04 "Trusty Tahr" LTS (64bits)

Appreciate any help please