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IP Failover move from SYS to OVH

31-05-2015, 20:50
Hi Danny/OVH,

Unfortunately I've not noticed any activity with this or any of the IP addresses moved over?

Could you update me as to why this is taking so long?
I've also noted that the 4x payments have left my bank account, so all the requests did go through - with regards to payment at least.......

Look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards

27-05-2015, 14:30
Hi Danny,

Yes that's correct. Two of them went through fine - the final two failed, oddly - but you're correct.

Thanks so much - we were planning on moving our VM's across with the IP's.. so that didn't quite go to plan...


27-05-2015, 13:59

I can see that 2/4 of the IP has been migrated from SYS to OVH already.

There is another 2 IP pending for the transfer. At this moment in time the IP is still at SYS.

I will look to finalise the remaining 2 IP transfer from SYS to OVH ASAP.



27-05-2015, 12:52

Thanks for your assistance.

SYS NIC: ps117945-sys
OVH NIC: ps156703-ovh


27-05-2015, 11:04

Please provide me with your SYS NIC and your OVH NIC.

I will look to check this for you.



27-05-2015, 07:34

I've tried to move 4x of our IP failover addresses from So You Start to OVH. Upon payment of the transfer for 2x of our IP fail overs, the transfer failed, however payment of the invoice had gone through. The first two IP moves went through fine and I now see them on OVH.

It mentioned that an OVH technician would intervene to assist - nothing has happened yet

Two issues I have:

1. I submitted a help desk case on the OVH panel on Sunday evening, it's now Wednesday?
2. Why didn't the IP address failover fault get recognised sooner?

Overall I'm a little baffled why I have to wait, or never get a reply in some instances, from both SYS or OVH! Sometimes support is great and I get a reply within a day.. sometimes, no reply at all? Very odd, but considering OVH customers are business customers, surely the basic level of support should enable us to have the comfort that an issue will be resolved with in at-least 24hours?

To make the issue worse, I called OVH Ireland (where the server account resides), and they recognised there was an issue and mentioned it would be resolved. I may as well not have called, nothing has happened so far.

I don't like slating OVH, their products are good -- it's just the support network really lets customers down! Please can someone shed some light?

Thanks and kind regards