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No reply to tickets

29-05-2015, 07:55
Upload speed outside of OVH network is 30mbps. Upload speed within the OVH network is 50-60mbps. I guess that both should be 250mbps.

28-05-2015, 22:52
Do you reffer to the speed between two OVH servers?

28-05-2015, 16:34
Regarding number 2) I have already provided justification via ticket from the panel. Is it better to provide justification over phone? Anyway I will try and call them and we will see.

3) The measurement is based on upload speed to two servers (I am backing up data on these servers for 8 months and everything was perfect). This changed about 3 weeks ago. I have also run some tests with speedtest-cli

Thanks for your reply by the way.

28-05-2015, 16:01
About number 2), it's better if you contact them by phone. They will ask you what are you needing the IPs for, and then raise the IP limit for your server/account. They do so in accordance to RIPE guidelines on IPv4 exhaustion.

If you call them, you may also ask them for the update of your data, maybe they can do it quicker.

On number 3), upload speed, how are you measuring it?

28-05-2015, 14:33
No, it is in France. Upload is important, however the are two issues are much more serious since I'm stack doing nothing. And the customers are waiting!

28-05-2015, 14:14
I can tell you that you're not the only one with poor upload. I'm thinking there maybe an issue with the datacenter. I have three server all experiencing the same thing.

By any chance is your server in NA?

28-05-2015, 10:43
My handle is ia39679-sys.

28-05-2015, 10:42

I have sent 3 tickets to SYS and I didn't get a reply to any of them. One of them is 14 days old!

Anyway, my issues are the following:

1) My company name and VAT number will be changed. However, I am unable to change these information from the panel.. I have already sent the required documents

2) I bought a new server and I need to buy 16 IPs. However when I try to buy the IPs through the panel, it says that I have to contact support and provide justification. I have already done this and got no reply. Currently I am just paying for the server without doing anything, since I need to setup various VPS and IPs are needed for this.

3) On one of my server the download speed is fine, however upload speed is very slow (around 30mbps instead of 250).

I don't know what else to do in order to get these things solved.