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New Distribution: Debian 8 + ISPconfig 3

28-05-2015, 11:43

Debian 8 was officially released a month ago, and it’s now time to update the distributions that run on it. We’ve started with the most popular by creating a template with the latest version of ISPconfig 3.

The main services and tools installed are:

- ISPconfig
- Apache 2.4.10
- MySQL 5.5
- PHP 5.6
- PHPMyAdmin 4.2
- Dovecot 2.2
- Postfix 2.11
- Squirrelmail 1.4
- AMaViS, clamAV, Spamassassin

You can install it with the OVH kernel (3.14.32 GRS, recommended) or the Debian kernel (3.16.7)

Moreover, the Testing and Experimental kernels we offer on our FTP server ( are available on netboot. These are currently the following versions:

- Testing: 3.14.43 in GRS and vanilla
- Experimental: 4.0.4 in GRS and vanilla

ISPconfig 3 on Debian 8 is available for dedicated servers as a ready-to-go distribution, and is currently in beta.

Don't hesitate to write any comments here.