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ORDER 38861641 OVH Support

28-05-2015, 18:50
its been 3 days from when i send them , i speak finally with someone on phone today from support and they told me that i will get it today , still nothing i hope it will come. this is not normal. i am new here and when i log at OVH i say cool this will be fast and now i see those results.....

28-05-2015, 16:08
If you have already sent the documents for validation, the only option is to wait for OVH staff to look at them, as validations are processed in a queue. Just as a reference, I validated my identity two weeks ago, and It took almos 1 day(counting from the day I sent the documents), but I don't know how busy they are right now.

28-05-2015, 13:24
Hello i have make an ORDER 38861641 number , i have call OVH many times and i just loose my money on waiting list noone answer me , even at my emails i dont get any answer , can someone help me please here , i have pay my order with my paypal acount its been 3 days++
i have also send dokumentation for vaidate my acount ...