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Failover IPs on my new server

31-05-2015, 04:07
That's some kind of bug from the billing system. Your FO IPs will not expire at the end of the months.

BTW, this post should not be here, in the "Off-topic" section, but in the "Dedicated servers" section, subsection "OVH".

30-05-2015, 20:55
Hi! I ordered a dedicated server from OVH's 2013 Range, Enterprise SP-64 - 64G E5-1620 in the Central Europe Datacenter and it finally came.
I want to use my server for virtual machines, and i ordered 4 Failover IPs, but in my invoice is written 'Provision of 4 RIPE IP failover - 1 month'. Well, in my offer that i bought i understood that i have 256 failover IPs with no monthly fees. Why those 4 IPs are only for 1 month?

Thanks, have a good day!