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I'm going to loose my VPS/domain because OVH is absolutely unacceptable..

02-06-2015, 14:44
I have paid for 1+ years a VPS and a domain in OVH. Every time I pay using paypal. This time I paid and i received an email that I should provide Proof of address + ID proof due to illegal actions some people did , (false details and stolen credit card details).

I did that, i included my ID and my residence proof and know i received the following email for support:

Unfortunately, these products were bought in the UK, with a UK contract with a uk-based customer. That needs to be kept like that. So you need to change the details of the account back to valid UK details (I suggest you to explore your options to provide valid UK-details).

If you don't find any, then you'll need to open a new account, with your proper details (you need to do so here, buy a VPS and migrate all the data there.

I have to say that I relocated from Uk to another EU country 6 months ago.

Why the hell should I migrate everything to another VPS and why should I do that by my own?
It's the first time a company says that you can't continue with our services because you relocated and your address is not a UK one...

And what about my domain which is registered there?

OVH is just unacceptable.... I'm going to loose my domain and my VPS because these guys suck!