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Looking for an advice

26-05-2016, 07:30
The thread is old thread almost 1 year old. Not sure what was the need to bump this thread.

20-05-2016, 22:17
I haven't used web-solutions, I have used fiverr, but as Devil suggested - verified services are probably the best.

09-11-2015, 16:37
I never ordered there service but I heard they are good and you can try them

09-11-2015, 15:21
Better suggestions or advice is to choose verified services ,The link you provided might not provide the services which you can get from other sources, think wisely and choose the best..

09-11-2015, 12:19
I am sure you need to take a deeper look in that, but as I can see from their website they are not scams or something..

09-10-2015, 19:56
haha, try this page:
so unprofessional as you do get some message in different language but not contact us information:
Ошибка 404: Страница не найдена.

Toll Free: +45 (098) 654 654 34 - really? what country this website, as it cost me more than free call to call them.

09-10-2015, 13:12
Nop, no idea, i always hired freelancers from fiverr.

04-06-2015, 14:25
I've got a bit of a dilemma and wanted to get some more opinions please!
A few weeks ago ordered the service in one company and pay for service before the performing of service. As a result, did not receive any services and was simply deceived.
Today i found this company
Can someone say something about them? Maybe someone has already ordered their services?