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Hyper-V Internet connectivity on VMs

08-06-2015, 21:16
Hi All,

I'm slowly thinking of going and slitting my wrists after struggling on this for too long, this is so frustrating and no matter what i do i can't get this to work .

What i have:
1 SP-64 2015 which comes with 1 NIC and 1 IP
Installed Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V installed (why because i couldn't get this working on the core version, i also tried ESXi 5.5).

What i've tried:
(Note i tried many things, legacy and others etc.)
Using the virtual switch manager to make a external vswitch with ticked "allow management OS"
made VM with default settings, no connection
set static IP, no connection

Vswitch manager - create external vswitch without ticking "allow management OS"
used KVM to remote on and access server
VM with default or static IP, no connection

I've installed Windows 8, Linux and even pfSense because ultimately i want to port forward different things to different VMs without the need for RRAS.
I can setup pfSense without it ever getting a WAN address even when i setup the vswitch not ticking the box so i have to KVM in. The IP isn't being used by anything yet pfSense doesn't get internet access even with manual config of the WAN with the default gateway etc.
Only the server can access for the web interface for pfSense but not the VMs no matter what.
Back when i had ESXi installed at least they had LAN access and could access

Windows VMs no matter what always get an APIPA address, i've tried the ghost NIC removal and countless other things.
The amount of guides i've followed and nothing worked is ridiculous, either i'm doing something wrong here or there is something up with the NIC?

Someone with experience within the OVH environment please can you tell me, and i'm willing to reinstall the OS to start from scratch again for the 9001st time, how to set up internet connectivity within my VMs. Preferably as my set up would involve pfSense how to set that up so the WAN actually works with an IP but i'd be happy to get internet connectivity for windows and other VMs.

Any more questions or screenshots or anything i've forgotten let me know.