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Reporting websites which allow for the dissemination of harmful content

12-06-2015, 18:38
Hi. With a quick look to the site, I see nothing that may be matter of an abuse complaint. I mean, an abuse complaint may be submitted for illegal content, not for content you dislike.

However, if you still want to submit an abuse complaint, this is not the right place. Fill the form at, so the OVH staff specialized on that will handle it.

12-06-2015, 14:02
ive been using this website quiet often, however, there has been the problem of users regularly posting some of the most disgusting content and reaching the front page with these. although the administrators should not be held accountable for the actions of individuals, the people in control are not doing anything to prevent such users from continuing to post harmful content.

i have tried reporting this website to various places, but the best i can find is reporting it to the host.

this is one of the many users who consistently post harmful content, but manage to get away with it. the colour and capital letter of the name also suggests that these users have been doing this for a long time. without getting banned.

if you want further proof, simply look at the most harmful content which reaches the front page and then check again to see which users are posting them the next day or so. it will usually be the same users who are avoiding prosecution.