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Remote login by using OVH - any ideas?

13-06-2015, 15:57
Hi. Reading your message, I get two ideas:

- The first if to install OpenVPN instance on a VPS(Should be a Clous VPS), generate a certificate for your web server, configure it with an static IP/in the internal OpenPVN network), connect it to the VPN, and then create other certificates, as needed, to access the internal network from outside. SO, anyone who wants to access your webapp should need a certificate, connect to your VPN, and then get access to the webapp using a private IP.

- The second option is a little more simple. Install it on a hosting or a VPS, and then password-protect the folder, so apache/nginx/any other web server will handle a first security barrier before anyone can get to the app. You can also use HTTPS to get extra security.

13-06-2015, 15:20
I am wanting to use an opensource web app - but don't want to host it online due to the security risks. I can host it internally on localhost but then can't access it offsite. Do you know what the best way is to access a server remotely (e.g. by using gotomypc) or by renting a VPS then having users login to it?