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How to setup RAID 0 on MegaRAID Cache + battery ?

15-06-2015, 16:48
SYS automated procedures do not suppot GPT disklabels, so if you would have a big RAID(0125) you wouldn't be able to use it anyways ;-)

15-06-2015, 13:17
Anyone ?

14-06-2015, 17:13

How to setup RAID 0 for MegaRAID Cache + battery ?

Must be more complicated then software raid ? Lets say I follow this guideline to change from raid 1 to raid 0, then what ? How should I setup partitions on SYS client area .. ? I'm quite confused. because I need it to have RAID 0 with this partitioning :

/ 100GB

/swap 36GB

/LVM rest of the space

PE size 32MB

I know how to do it with software raid but I don't know how to do it with MegaRAID. I also don't want to pay for remote hands fee.