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OVH Servicing tickets

15-06-2015, 16:41
I have 7 servers @ SYS, and want(ed) to install a machine with our own paritioning scheme on the 6 4TB's provided. The default partitioner/installer does not support GPT disklabels, so using their installer is a no-go... Then I tried to install my own , using the rescue nfsroot (an old debbie) to partition/mkfs/...
AFAICT the install was done properly, but blindly, so I needed a KVM to verify it's boot process, in order to check if I forgot something.

Off I went, ordering a KVM on that box , paying with our PayPal acount... The next day , they delivered. Aparently a VNC-type of kvm , but with no password provided, so I could not log in. I issued a thankful ticket for the KVM, asking to provide me with a password. But alas... no response.
So I replied a few times on that ticket (that is in the mean time 4 days ago) still to no avail. But of course, as I bought the KVM for 1 (one) day, It was not frogotten to remove it. Ergo, 32! Euros in the bin, a lot of anger and frustration, and _still_ no response on any ticket submitted.

I can understand the the (probably only) support tech guy is swamped, but nevertheless it's impossible to work like that. We need these servers professionally, and this disaster is costing a lot more than the gains won from using SYS for their price.

Another ticket asked to replace a faulty harddisk, from a RAID5, and suddenly (after replacement was done) ALL diske were emptied, with just a GPT disklabel and a bios_grub partition. Although I had nothing on these disks of value any more, it makes me wonder why a (enforced by SYS) raid would be needed, as we would loose the data anyway.

Trying to contact their support, sends me to an automated response system, nobody answers (in France), and the number in Ireland is uncallable from Europe, or there is some (unknown to me) prefix that should be added to be able to call them..

I can't think of a reason to keep nice and polite any more...