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Bad server response time
20-06-2015, 17:38
their support is awful. they response very late. even when they response it is not complete and useful. I asked them check why the sever response time is very high and attached an image from that shows the server response time is near 3 second. after 3 days they respond that:
I just checked the website and it appears to be responding fine, is this issue resolved now?
I am sure he did not even check or check with the browser so something because I immediately check with and google insight speed test and got bad news that your server response time is high.
Then I reply to them with no. the problem does not solve.
ovh support replied after 3 days:
It's possible that this is due to how your site is built, if you do require quicker times I would recommend purchasing a VPS for your website or even a dedicated server.
they even do not run debug scripts on server to figure out the issue and let me know the exact problem.
I would appreciate if anyone could help to resolve the issue. I use Prestashop with under 10 visitors per month and I bought performance 1 which they guarantee 2 Gig of ram and 1 virtual CPU.
many thanks