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Server Down For 3 Days | No Help From Support

25-06-2015, 11:19

As Kamilleri mentioned, it is best that you provide us with your OVH NIC handle so we can locate your account to see what the issue is.

Without the account ID, we wouldn't be able to locate your services.



24-06-2015, 23:30
Please mention your ticket number here, or server ID from Control Panel, so support could reference to them.

If you're losing lot's of money, you probably can afford a second server and build some failover configuration, so 1 node offline wouldn't affect your business.

24-06-2015, 16:26
Our server has been down for 3 days now. We had contacted support and on the first day of downtime they said they would do something about it. 2 days later absolutely nothing has been done, no matter how many times we contact support, by email and phone. This is absolutely unacceptable. Please help ASAP because the downtime is making us lose a lot of money.