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Live/Hotmail's JMRP Previous IP Block Owners

08-07-2015, 15:01
I've tried re-submitting the block but, same thing, the previous owner is still listed...

See PM for screenshot, if I can PM

08-07-2015, 12:01
we don't know how the JMRP system with hotmail/live works, but have you tried to just submit a new whitelisting request? we're happy to validate that now, you're the only person with access to use that block, and surely they update their records quite often.


04-07-2015, 09:56
I have been a member of Live/Hotmail's JMRP for a few years now

A new IP block I recently got was used by someone else in this system, therefore, I am just allowed to view the status of the block, not configure it to receive spam notifications.

Has anyone any ideas to go about removing the previous owner (they do not exist anymore) from this IP block with Live/Hotmail's JMRP?

I tried reaching out to the previous owner via Facebook, but no response. I also tried Live/Hotmail themselves, they weren't that helpful, not to mention, hard to get hold of! Has anyone a contact form for these guys other than the normal "unblocking" form, which, was a totally useless.