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Saturated Link! slow speeds to all over ovh outgoing!

10-07-2015, 15:46
I am still waiting for a reply ovh staff??????????????

09-07-2015, 14:52
what is the update marks? the saturation doesn't seem to be fixed? I do not see anything in

08-07-2015, 22:38
traceroute to 37.187.169.* (37.187.169.*), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 1.989 ms 2.025 ms 2.243 ms
2 ( 2.588 ms 2.574 ms 2.676 ms
3 ( 16.584 ms * *
4 ( 16.477 ms ( 11.433 ms 10.21. 57.5 ( 16.362 ms

u see marks ^^ thats to another ovh server using vss-5a-6k

traceroute to 37.187.69.* (37.187.69.*), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 4.620 ms 4.650 ms 4.719 ms
2 ( 2.963 ms 3.320 ms 3.408 ms

another ovh server i am trying to send too..another one that goes through vss-5a-6k

traceroute to 178.33.123.* (178.33.123.*), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 1.264 ms 1.521 ms 1.591 ms
2 ( 0.852 ms 0.969 ms 1.083 ms

another ovh ip^^ i am trying to send to..

traceroute to 176.31.122.* (176.31.122.*), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 1.949 ms 1.996 ms 2.059 ms
2 ( 4.316 ms 4.465 ms 4.539 ms
3 (176.31.122.*) 2.002 ms 1.988 ms 1.991 ms

another ovh ip i am sending to using vss-5a-6k

Now can you please tell me where it uses vss-5b-6k??? My server wont just magically drop speeds from 450MB/sec to 8MB/sec or even 1MB/second

08-07-2015, 22:24
It's definitely using vss-5a-6k to most of the other ovh servers i am trying to send files to..if u look at the saturation right now..its at 92% and my speed shave dropped to 100Mbps maximum..and its taking way too long to fix the server goes back to 10Gbps when the saturation goes below 80%..yes my server has been around for ofcourse the average will be high..the saturation has started 3-4 weeks ago..and hence i am experiencing problems..OVH-OVH is should be 24/7..i should not have to wait 3 weeks for this..

08-07-2015, 10:45
our engineers have confirmed that they're looking into it.

in terms of speed, your traffic graphs show more or less the same average bandwidth usage as in the last months: 90Mbps IN, 310Mbps OUT. so overall, it seems that the server is performing pretty well.

Even though, our engineers will come back to you about the logs provided. Mind that the network structure of RBX4 provides with 2 switches for connectivity. In your case, vss-5a-6k and vss-5b-6k, so it doesn't only rely on one

07-07-2015, 14:06
Hi Dani..I know it is in question is when the link is clearly come OVH is not doing anything to fix it? They should be putting this in and working on it..

07-07-2015, 10:34

Your ticket number of 2111018 is currently in progress. The network team are currently reviewing this.



06-07-2015, 22:28
Here we go again..with ovh not willing to fix the saturated links for days:

My ovh server is barely able to get 6MB/sec outgoing to all ovh servers..and it is a 10giga server!

My ticket number is 2111018 -> My server is in Switch: sw.106.248/117/1/24 so clearly it can be seen..that the link is red.. at 93%

this is vss-5a-6k it has been going for days..and all the ticket said we will have an engineer look into it..takes 2 weeks to look into it? No updates on either about the saturation..